Our inspirations

Pipistrello lamp

The Pipistrello lamp is a cult lamp designed in 1965. Its name is from her resemblance with a bat. It delivers a diffuse and delicate light. It was available in “Mini Pipistrello” which picks up her famous forms, may be used in bedside lamp.


Coffee Table

Noguchi himself, considered the Coffee Table as the most successful design furniture among its creations. In particular because it reminiscent most of its sculptures of bronze and marble that he created at this time and its transpose with an authentic way the biomorphic elements in a furniture with a sculptural esthetic.

Eames Bird

Charles Eames and his wife Ray enriched the interior collage of the Eames House with numerous object brought back from their travels. At the middle of the living, we can see a black wooden bird on the floor since more 50 years. It’s a piece of American Folk Art, really appreciated by Charles and Ray and which is often using like an accessory in their pictures.


Eames Elephant

In 1945, Charles and Ray Eames created an elephant toy made of plywood. However, this piece has never been produced in serial. Now realized in synthetic material, the Eames Elephant is also accessible to the target group that it was initially designed: kids. Like an outdoor toy or an indoor toy, or like a decorating object for a kid bedroom, the animal with a sympathetic look, with its oversize ears, rejoice kids as the same as their parents.

Design chairs

Chairs became real contemporary art object. This basic inspire for years designers and some piece has become a huge hit. To have an original is not available to all portfolios, but to afford a reedition is clearly a good affair. We propose you a mini selection, just for you!


And there was light!

Light is a determining factor of our well-being, but also to the atmosphere of our interior. The lighting of a room should not be overlooked: shimmering, soft, clear, warm, intimate or veiled light, there are same possibilitiesas different floor lamp. Each brings according to the room, finishing touch but essential to our decoration.