Supervision work

At your side, all along your project!
Our Value Proposition: To care about the work from coast to coast.
Our Mission: Organize, follow-up, coordination of the different suppliers and worker up to the reception of the work.


The rate for this delivery depend of the cost of the work :

  • Below 20 K€ excluding tax, our rate will be of 15%
  • Between 21K€ and 50K€ excluding tax, the rate will be 12%
  • Between 51K€ and 75K€ excluding tax, our rate will be 10%
  • Beyond 75K€ excluding tax, our rate will be 8%

We take into consideration your requests all along the work, providing detailed status and reporting.

No time for shopping! No desire to buy all the new elements for your interior, do not worry, Kokouna propose you the deco shopping.



During all the period of the work


On quotation, from 2000 € including taxes

The deliverable

Detailed reporting of every site meeting.

Implementation and follow-up of the schedule “work”.